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Our journalism is driven by a desire to make an impact. This means pausing before reporting to consider how we can add value to existing conversations, as opposed to simply broadcasting content. We start every major project by analyzing media coverage and discussion around an issue and designing our editorial approach to serve our audience’s needs. We collaborate with other journalists and media outlets to maximize our impact. We set specific goals and measure as we go.






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“In a debate characterized by at best noise and at worst outright lies about our transit system, Moving Forward shone out as an honest, data-driven look at the real challenges of moving people in this region — and the people of Metro Vancouver are better off for it.”

Jon Woodward
Reporter, CTV News Vancouver
Moving Forward collaborator

“[The Access to Journalism Fellowship] was an incredible and profound and heartrending experience that taught me a ton as a journalist, and even more as a regular person living in Canada. The conditions and pain and grief and visceral history and hopelessness that exist in Pikangikum are heartbreaking. . . I had to experience it first hand to really understand.”

Eric Bombicino
Reporter, TVOntario
Access to Energy Journalism fellow

“We need a paradigm shift about what news is; we can’t just get sound bites, we need meaningful stories.  We need reporting that goes beyond the stereotypes, digs in and discovers what caused situations to be what they are. I believe Discourse Media is part of that necessary shift.”

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph
Ambassador, Reconciliation Canada
Toward Reconciliation community partner

Project highlights

Through the Moving Forward project, Discourse helped shift media angles on Metro Vancouver’s transportation funding referendum from conflict-driven to data-driven across the region. This helped 1.3 million Metro Vancouverites better understand how their vote would impact transportation in their region.

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The day after “Justice is not blind,” our collaborative investigation into Indigenous incarceration rates, was published by Maclean’s, Winnipeg Centre MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette discussed our coverage in the House of Commons. A few months later, Saskatchewan policy leaders pushed to update the province’s FOIP laws to apply to police after our coverage.

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Power Struggle used an innovative media fellowship model that focused on collaboration, open-source content sharing and syndication agreements. The resulting stories reached millions of readers around the world through our media partners.