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Discourse Media partners with funders who value the impact that public interest journalism can have on the issues facing our communities, and who commit to respecting the journalistic autonomy we require to produce independent journalism that our audience can trust.

Discourse offers editorial products to organizations tackling society’s greatest challenges. Visit Products and Services to learn more.

Open calls for funding

Current opportunities include:

  1. Toward Reconciliation: a national platform of sustained, high-quality, forward-looking journalism about how Canada is responding to the challenges of reconciliation.
  2. Power Struggle: a global journalism fellowship program and marquee hub for reporting that looks at the systemic issues surrounding global access to energy.

Projects currently in development include:

  1. Sexualized violence against women
  2. The future of education
  3. Food security

Have an idea for an issue area in need of serious public interest journalism? Get in touch at info@discoursemedia.org.