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Reporter Trevor Jang on assignment in northern B.C., involving community members directly in the story development process by asking them what issues they’d like to see reported.

Discourse Media does not exist to serve the interests of advertisers or investors. We exist to serve you, the public. That’s why we want to know what’s important to you.

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Discourse reports with people, not on them. We believe the best story ideas come from the community — from the people living with the issues we report on and working towards solutions on the ground.

Our goal is to add value to dialogue about solutions by providing the public with access to untold stories and untapped data. We do this by listening to communities before reporting, involving our audience in our editorial decisions, and participating in dialogue following publication. In order to produce journalism that is relevant to you, we need you to tell us what you care about.

Tell us in your own words (150 or less, please) what you’d like to see a Discourse reporter dig into. How are you being affected by the issues we’re reporting on? What are you doing about it? How could news media do a better job of covering issues of importance to you? Email us at

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