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Be Part of the Impact

At Discourse, we believe we can achieve more by collaborating than we can accomplish alone. That’s why we invite the public, community organizations, media outlets, journalists and funders to work with us.


Power Struggle

Two billion people lack reliable access to electricity. That means one fifth of the world's schools, hospitals and homes are often in the dark. How can everyone get access to clean energy without hastening climate change?

Power Struggle is a collaboration of journalists around the world who are investigating how energy poverty affects people in their regions — and what solutions are emerging.


Toward Reconciliation

On June 2, 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released 94 calls to action, the outcome of its six-year inquiry into Canada’s residential school system. The moment felt like a historic reckoning, but will our country follow through on calls to build a more equitable relationship with Indigenous peoples?

Toward Reconciliation is a sustained body of journalism about how governments, institutions, communities and individuals are responding to the challenges of reconciliation. Our reporting aims to track the journey to change, hold Canadians to their pledges and share stories about successes along the way.


Journalism Innovation

Journalism is essential to the healthy functioning of democracy, but around the world the practice faces enormous challenges. In Canada, thousands of journalists have lost their jobs. One-sixth of our newspapers have closed in the past five years. Where and how will Canadians get news and information they can trust?

Our journalism innovation coverage is designed to reveal what’s working in digital journalism, including our own. What are the ethics and best practices in community-based reporting? How do we deepen connections with our audience and include you in what we do and how we do it? We regularly share what we are learning, and invite you to join the conversation.