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Be Part of the Impact

At Discourse, we believe we can achieve more by collaborating than we can accomplish alone. That’s why we invite the public, community organizations, media outlets, journalists and funders to work with us.


Child Welfare

Foster care systems in Canada are frequently presented in the context of conflict and crisis, without clear solutions. The episodic news cycle pits politicians against advocates, provincial bureaucrats against regional bureaucrats, parents against the system. It casts families as broken and hopeless. Stories are triggered by tragedy. Youth perspectives are largely left out.

Our mission in covering child welfare is to break down this complex system by considering and communicating the impacts of colonization, engaging youth and families in our process, investigating your questions, and connecting people around powerful stories and possible solutions.


Gender and Identity

Public conversations about discrimination and inequality often lack the nuance required to move beyond victim-blaming narratives and make constructive change.

We aim to produce solutions-focused journalism that shifts national narratives about the lived experiences of Canadians of all genders, as well as broader conversations around gender and identity. This means producing media content that’s driven by data and highly responsive to the voices of traditionally underrepresented communities.


Journalism Innovation

Journalism is essential to the healthy functioning of democracy, but around the world the practice faces enormous challenges. In Canada, thousands of journalists have lost their jobs. One-sixth of our newspapers have closed in the past five years. Where and how will Canadians get news and information they can trust?

Our journalism innovation coverage is designed to reveal what’s working in digital journalism, including our own. What are the ethics and best practices in community-based reporting? How do we deepen connections with our audience and include you in what we do and how we do it? We regularly share what we are learning, and invite you to join the conversation.