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#SustainableDiscourse: Share your water pollution stories and photos with us

Help sustainable development reporter Alia Dharssi with her investigation.

Marine debris gathered by volunteers during a beach cleanup on a remote beach on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island in 2015 .

In recent months, stories about pollution off Canada’s shores — from a lobster with a bright blue imprint of a Pepsi can on its claw to alarming reports of plastic washing up on our coastline — have captured global attention.

These stories, along with Canada’s track record of dumping billions of litres of raw sewage into our waterways every year, prompted me to question our ability to meet two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: the protection of life below water (Goal 14) and the reduction of water pollution (Goal 6). With the world's longest coastline and three oceans on our coasts, Canada also has a major role to play in global efforts to protect oceans.  

That's why I've launched an investigation into Canada's water pollution problem — and I want your help documenting it. What types of water pollution do we need to deal with better? How has this problem impacted you and your community? Please email me, or share your stories and photos on social media, using the hashtag #SustainableDiscourse. I look forward to hearing from you!