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collage1-e1466122244514Discourse Media is an independent journalism company dedicated to in-depth reporting on complex issues facing Canada and the world. We are building a home for new approaches to storytelling that look beyond conflict-driven daily news cycles. We tell stories Canadians need in ways they can trust.

Discourse produces investigations, analysis and data journalism focused on matters of public importance: gender, environment, education, urban development, the economy, politics, Indigenous issues and more. We look for gaps in reporting and pursue stories that have potential for impact.

We publish on our own digital platform and broaden our reach through media partners.

Discourse collaborates with other journalists through fellowships and multi-newsroom projects. We also offer editorial products to organizations tackling society’s greatest challenges.

Discourse has a staff of 12 based in our Vancouver newsroom and a growing network of Canadian and international fellows, collaborators and partners.

Our guiding principles

The job of journalism isn’t done if all we do is report on problems. We also have an obligation to illuminate possible paths forward. Discourse aims to add value to dialogue about solutions by providing our audience with access to untold stories and untapped information.

Discourse does this by listening before reporting, involving our audience in our editorial decisions, and participating in dialogue following publication. We prioritize data journalism to make information that is not reaching the public available, understandable and engaging.

We believe the news industry can do a better job of serving Canadians if media work together rather than competing for the same breaking news. That’s why Discourse collaborates with our colleagues to pool resources, build capacity and maximize our collective impact.