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Gender and Identity

Feminist Media Club: Stories of (in)visibility edition

This inaugural roundup features work from 'Bitch Media,' 'Slate,' 'Lenny Letter' and 'This' magazine.

Today, I’m doing a media roundup that’s all about visibility — defined as “the quality or state of being visible” or “the capability of being readily noticed.” The word can be literal, of course. But in the gender and identity space, seeing is complicated.

As a white cisgender woman, it's easy to take for granted how willing society is to accept me as an individual. On the other hand, people who experience marginalization tell me that being seen can be beautiful, but also scary — if not downright dangerous.

I’m motivated to do work that helps people see and understand diverse voices in nuanced ways, much like these links, which explore the power and political nature of invisibility:

That’s my roundup — what else would you add to the list? Shoot me an emailFacebook message or tweet to tell me what you want to see. I’d also love for you to share this with any groups (digital or IRL) that may find my roundup useful, and would be interested in joining the conversation.