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Over a billion people in the world lack access to modern energy services such as electricity to power their community’s x-ray machines or clean-burning cookstoves to prepare their family’s meals. An estimated two times that number lack reliable access. Energy poverty, while impacting communities around the world in different ways, has significant impacts on health, access to basic services and economic opportunity everywhere. 

What systemic issues are driving energy poverty? How are people on the ground impacted? And, perhaps most importantly, what potential solutions exist that also take climate change and other social and environmental issues into account? 

About Power Struggle

Power Struggle is a collaborative journalism project that explores how energy poverty impacts communities around the world and investigates emerging solutions that take climate change into account. Our goal is to be a marquee hub of high-quality journalism and ideas that connect stories from people on the ground to the global systemic issues at play.

Power Struggle is produced by Discourse Media in partnership with Inter Press Service, SciDev, The Zimbabwean, The Independent (Bangladesh), Al Jazeera, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Republica English Daily (Nepal), The Tyee (Canada) and TVOntario.

Discourse Media is an independent media company that produces and enables in-depth journalism about complex issues. Our work is collaborative, inclusive and driven by intentional impact.

We launched Power Struggle at the OpenAccess Energy Summit, hosted by the Waterloo Global Science Initiative, in April 2016.

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Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship

The Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship (AEJF) awarded nine fellowships to journalists around the world to support their work investigating energy access in their region.


Fabiola Ortiz, IPS
In Costa Rica and Mexico, will a geothermal experiment overcome the industry’s dark past?
Mike Ives, SciDev
Why the South Pacific island Kiribati is making a big bet on solar

Andrew Mambondiyani, The Zimbabwean
In Zimbabwe, a struggle between climate change and energy poverty
Faisal Mahmud, The Independent
A solar revolution is bringing light and opportunity to the Bangladesh countryside

Felix Gaedtke, Al Jazeera
In Transylvania, energy poverty persists in the developed world
Elias Ntungwe Ngalame, Thomson Reuters Foundation
How solar energy is helping Cameroon tackle poverty

Deepak Adhikari, Republica English Daily
Can Nepal defeat its deepening energy crisis?
Christopher Pollon, The Tyee
One northern Canadian town’s four-decade battle to ditch diesel

Eric Bombicino, TVO
Why a northern Canadian community’s hopes for the future rest on one power line


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Power Struggle and the Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship were produced and administered by Discourse Media with financial support from the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI). WGSI is a partnership between the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the University of Waterloo. WGSI’s support does not imply endorsement of or influence over the content produced. Discourse Media adheres to journalistic ethical standards described in the Canadian Association of Journalists guidelines.

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